Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Brisk Walk

People who know me personally might snigger all they want, but I actually started studying today for my internal tests that start on Monday (I usually start just the previous day!). I was in the library and studied two Acts, Official Secrets Act and Press Council of India Act. They were quite interesting and I am just going to type a quick post and go read some more of Media Law.

I was walking back from the library when the silence stuck me as so uncharacteristic of uni. There is usually a bike going at top speed, someone laughing out, a shrill voice, wierd vehicle horns... There as nothing today. Looks like the exam fever has caught on. The walk was beautiful though.

From the library to my hostel, it is a walk of about five minutes, through a dim-lit road. Even though the road looks very eerie, it is quite safe to walk alone. It is not full moon day today but nevertheless, the moon with a yellowish tinge was beautiful against the hostel lights. There it was, looking like a protective angel over the building. The stars gave it company. I even saw an aeroplane blinking its red tail light against the dark sky.

On the whole, it was a lovely walk. I just wish I could have taken a longer and slower walk, just me and my thoughts...aint got the time though. Next year, I dont think I will miss studies much. But I know I will miss the uni campus with its familiar trees, knee length grass that always makes me want to lie between its cold strands, the sophisticated-looking double road in front of the library, the Pentagon office-shaped hostel I stay in and of course this cyber centre where I have typed out many a blog post from!

I claim to be a workaholic, with good reason. The only things I regret is the lack of time to enjoy such simple pleasures.


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I felt the same on my last walk through campus...