Sunday, December 11, 2005


Am back people! Exams are finally over with and I have finished my third semester! Just one more to go!
This is my dog Ginger. The pics were taken on my mobile and arent too good. Was just too lazy to scan the others that I have.
Now, doesnt he look so arrogant? Believe me, he is! He is spoiled to the hilt by my parents and acts the way. I could go on about his antics but that would lead to a my-dog-is-better-than-your-dog discussion, am fed up of those.
What can I say, I love this dog which barks only if there isnt anything better to do, like sleeping, which he does for 22 hours a day! Though he doesnt look the age, he is almost nine years old and gets sick a lot these days. :-(

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