Monday, March 06, 2006

What A Week!

Phew! What a week it has been. I came from home and all of a sudden it hit me that the deadline for dozens of assignments was a few days ahead. This is my fourth semester and I must say, none of us have learnt lessons from the tension of last minute hurry to finish work. But then, there is some strange joy in working under intense pressure, I come up with the best words when I am pressed for time. That is what I did. I completed fourteen assignments in a couple of days, started dissertation work very seriously and got a lot of work done.

Yesterday, we had a media workshop and I met some very nice people who came to participate. Mr V N Subba Rao, a veteran journalist for the past five decades, inaugurated the workshop. He has worked in many newspapers, both English and Kannada and is very well known for the film reviews he wrote for Deccan Herald. Presently, he is the chairman of Karnataka Media Academy.

I caught up with him in the evening and did an interview. God, it was hard! I am normally very relaxed before an interview and I get a high out of thinking up questions right then and there but Mr Rao is such a veteran that I was worried I would make a fool out of myself.

I must say I could have a much better job but I am not entirely unsatisfied either. The conversation we had after the interview was great. He was very sweet, very encouraging and a joy to talk to. And I did not feel like an ignorant fool either! I have the interview written down, maybe I could post it sometime...

That has been my week, very busy. The coming days are going to be worse!

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San Nakji said...

I thought you had finished school... Well, you must be almost there, just a little bit more! When you start your working life you will really miss university!