Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Between Posts....A Tag

San Nakji does it again! Here is the tag I am supposed to answer.

I AM: What I am!

I WANT: To travel, write Simple.

I WISH: I was in Antarctica or Sahara desert right now, for no particular reason.

I HATE: Hmm... nothing really. Hate is too strong a word; dislike would be better.

I MISS: All my friends who are not here right now.

I FEAR: .................(still thinking)...............

I HEAR: The sound of drums in my head, those African tribal beats that I love.

I WONDER: Why I am here right now.

I REGRET: Some things that happened, some that didnt.

I AM NOT: Totally immune to pain, as I had previously thought.

I DANCE: Best to tribal beats, best with this dear friend of mine from uni.

I SING: Songs of my soul.

I CRY: Alone, always.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: A sane person.

I MAKE: Life happy for myself.

I WRITE: Because I feel, because I want to make others feel.

I CONFUSE: I get confused when I am talking with this friend. He has this habit of doing that.

I NEED: Love, friends and my crazy family to live.

I SHOULD: Have been studying right now. But, ah well!

I START: Writing when I am free, sad, happy, depressed, angry.

I FINISH: Tags, no matter what! (Just kidding!)

I TAG: Everyone who read to the end of this post!

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San Nakji said...

Thank you Deepa, very good!