Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Poem

I am not going to write what lead me to write this poem. Simply read on.....


People meet
Some stay on,
Most move away
Leaving an indelible mark
That may fade
But never washes away.
The mark slips deeper
And still deeper
Till you forget it is there.

But like lava
That brews beneath the surface
The volcano bursts
To leave a scar
Not on the top
But where the old mark was
Deep in the mind,
Deeper in the heart.

This is when
The past peeps out
Of a corner
When least expected
Merges with today
Bringing up memories
That were suppressed
Quite by force.

But the greatest gift
To the human mind
The gift of short memory
Will come to aid
The scar will fade,
Almost disappear
As the past dies
The future is ahead.

The past looks on
Let it do so
With a tinge of awe
And a bit of surprise
At the life that has
Moved ahead,
Quite far ahead.

1 comment:

ShaK said...

Some shadows are longer than they seem isnt it? How hard we try to forgive and forget but ironically end up looking at new items in the same spot.
Time is the greatest healer, they say. I am yet to witness a soul who has validated this.
Nice work. Brought back shadows of my own.