Sunday, September 17, 2006

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Another mobile picture. I wanted to post a write up today but the keyboard I am using is really bad (This is in another section of the office) and I can hardly type. The keys are so tight.

But I will post later, I want to, I have to.

This above pic is a view from the veranda at home. On a cold, still misty mid morning in my beautiful Madikeri, I know that no other place can be more beautiful for me. Heaven, I know, is a place on this beautiful Earth and it is in my exquisite Madikeri.

Until later, think beautiful.....


Unknown said...

hi blog dariyalli hogtha idde venu vinod sikkidru avara comment nodidaga neevu sikkidiri nimma baravanigeyalli thuntaata ide
keep it up!

Dinesh said...

I'm feeling kinda envy of you..
you live at such a beautiful place..