Friday, September 29, 2006

Places, People and Their Lives

Another one in my life series. I had to go to the Press Club today. There was this conference about Yakshagana performances during Navarathri festival. Apparently, there was also a little performance by the kids which I missed because I was stuck in traffic. We were out after a while when I saw this kid, all decked up in the traditional Yakshagana attire standing in a corner, looking all bored among the adults.

I had wanted to take the entire dress but unknowingly caught the child in a candid moment. Could not avaoid the white bit of someone's leg there.

I must write about Yakshagana sometime, it is the traditional art form of Karnataka.

After Igot my new phone, I seem to be posting more photos than writing.....

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ShaK said...

Yakshagaana is the lifeline dance form of Karnataka. I have to admit I personally have never had a chance to view a performance but I am sure it is one of the few things that hold our culture together.