Saturday, November 25, 2006

Breakfast at Koshy's

I usually like to be on time for assignments, in spite of knowing that ministers are going to be late. Yet, I made up my mind to take my time going to a chief minister's programme this morning.

Ok, ok, I am lying here. I overslept, ok! I jumped out of bed and ran out. Again I lie, I took my time, knowing the CM would never come that early anyways. (It was at 8 am and thats VERY early for me!) But as luck would have it, the programme had already begun when I reached the venue about twenty minutes late. To cut the long story short, I did get inputs for my story, so that problem was solved. I shrugged off a very persistant colonel who wanted to have coffee/ lunch with me, went to a book festival, bought P Sainath's 'Everybody Loves a Good Drought' and am in office, blogging, something which I try not to do.

Anyway, what I meant to write here was about my breakfast this morning. M G Road, right next to the venue of this programme was fairly empty this morning. I have always enjoyed walking down that road. You can lose yourself there, though that is not something I continue to like these days. Anyway, I walked the length of the road, hoping Koshy's, my favourite restaurant in town, would be open.

It was open. Koshy's is a lovely place with great food, lovely people. It has a long history that I had written about some time ago. Since then, I have been a regular there whenever I can spare the time and the money. It is usually filled to capacity, is pretty noisy, though it is the nice kind of noise. You get to think in that place with different accents, different colours and sounds in the background.

This morning, I was one of the first persons to step in. It was quite, almost disconcerting, for I always associate Koshy's with noise and a pleasant crowd. But then, it was nice. I sat by the window, with a collection of Busybee's column Round and About in my hands. His columns always crack me up, no matter how many times I read them. Just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., in spite of the nth number of re-runs.

I sat facing the door and slowly the place started filling up. Many people walked in, a lady with a gaudy Louis Vuitton bag (wonder why people pay through their noses for them, they don't look at all), some leggy lasses, punks, someone who looked like a politician and others. I thought I recognised some famous faces from the Page 3 circuit. But then, I could not place them. Neither do I follow Bangalore Times supplement.

As I ate my sandwiches and drank some coffee (not the best I have had though), people continued to file in. By the time I finished breakfast, Koshy's was full again. Things were back to normal.

How I wish I could say the same about life in general too.....


Niranjan said...

Nice to hear that you bought Sainath's 'Everybody Loves a Good Drought'. Even though it's a bit late doesn't matter being a journalist you have caught hold of a right developmental reporting book. I's wondering why Poornananda missed the book from his advice list.
Any way, Drought being a metaphor travels through all levels of power and assuem different roles in different fields signifying the rotting filth. Hoping to see a nice review on it.

Deepa Bhasthi said...

he didnt miss it out. he used to keep telling us to read.
i had always wanted to, but somehow missed out on that one. i suppose everything has to happen when it is meant to happen

San Nakji said...

What kind of sandwiches?

Happy Birthday by the way!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

just usual veggie sandwiches. and thanks a lot for the post