Monday, November 06, 2006

Hell (O)

Hello my dear readers. Life is so so hectic that it has been ages since I even opened a blog to read, let alone update it. It is late even as I write this, but I just had to write today. This is one of those of those days when the words in my heart and mind are in constant conflict to tumble out. This is a time when I just have to write long as I write.

Since I have not posted anything on the other blog, let me write a post there.

As for life, its been busy. But happily, I am back to the reading habit. Been reading a lot lately, a Kannada play, a critique on liberty by John Stuart Mill and a racy, but very well written novel called `Shantaram' by Gregory Roberts. I did not have much hopes from this one but to my surprise, it is quite well written. His descriptions of India is quite insightful. I suppose it takes an outsider to notice and eulogise what for us is commonplace and prosaic.


Ashley said...

I so desperately need to make more time to read. I feel like I am mentally starving myself!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

i agree!
i agree!
i agree!
life can get pretty bad if you cant do all the things you love. thats how i have been feeling without my trekking and greenery and books and some intelligent conversation

Deepshikha said...

so do i.. i liked a few of your other posts so i have given a link of your blog to mine.. if you have objections lemme know, i will remove the link:)

Arun Kottolli said...

"Shantharam" is an excellent book worth reading for everyone.This book gives a meaningful cultural insight into India.

I agree that blogging gets tough and gets dropped in the priority of things to do when life gets hectic. But blogging is a way of putting out a thought for the public - which in turn removes some of the stress in our daily lives. No matter how hectic my day is, I always make a point to read a book, write/read a blog and read a newspaper everyday.

Keep it going. And there are regular readers who lookforward to reading your blog!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

no problem Deeps, keep the link. wouldnt mind a few extra readers!

its not that i dont blog because of the lack of time Arun. its more to do with access to internet. anyway, will try and update every few days.
have you read Shantaram? the size of the book is scary.