Monday, July 09, 2007

Hurting Like Hell

Ouch! Actually eeeeeeeyyaaaaaooooooooo is what I feel like screaming. I want to go into a sound proof room and yell my lungs out, or maybe I will just sit in my office and scream, nobody would really mind. I want to yell because I am in pain, because despite what I thought was my good sense, despite knowing it would hurt I got my nose pierced. Oh sure it is looking great (I must admit immodestly) and I have been getting a lot of rave reviews online and in the real world but people it hurts!

There was a special personal reason why I got it pierced. All my life I had sworn that I wouldn't get my nose pierced and there I go, getting it done! But there was a reason and the pain is definitely worth it.

Body art has always fascinated me, although from a safe and painless distance. Tattoos, part of every civilisation, always made me think of its age-old connotations. For years I wanted a tiny little tattoo of the symbol of infinity, a little horizontal eight but ma simply freaked out when I told her the idea. A very dear person yelled at me too when I thought about it again last evening. I wanted to get a piercing yesterday but really mustered up the courage this morning. It hurt bad, though the guy who did it was amazingly good at his job. I know have a little silver and white stone stud, it looks pretty but I reiterate here, it hurts! :-(

The guy, Simon, was telling me and my friend that people come to him to get their tongue and other unspeakable parts of their body. He was also telling us about this one customer of his who has 25 piercing in each ear (where is the space?), 15 above each eyebrow, about 5 on his nose and a few running down his neck! I mean, WHY? Why on earth? Its not fashion, its not hip or hep, its plain ugh!


ಅನಿಕೇತನ said...

Body Art is always worth a second look ! After reading , I am thinking of having one tattoo ... :)

A.K.Purandare said...

I really try to understand difference between my village friends and that too tribals in some cases i have found similarity in the approach towards life between foreigners and my tribal community.i get disturbed and start thinking that where is science and modernity left behind.Where the logics and reasoning left behind which should have been result of education.But i am taught that this is the way human wants to live and this is the way he feels he is free.I thought education and medical science will be used for helping and supporting those who are at bottom in life rights and health.Yes i understand Body art goes a long way.Wish a fast healing. I am wishing a blog on the topic of recent trouble to crime reporting journalists by police crime branch.Good Luck..

Deepa Bhasthi said...

aniketana, a tattoo was also one of my options. my best friend flipped off his lid and didnt allow me to get one!

and thank you Purandare!