Monday, July 16, 2007

Postcards From Bangkok

Thought I would share some pictures with you, my dear readers. These are a few from my first trip abroad. I went to Bangkok recently. It was an official trip, a very hectic one and I hardly got to see anything at all. But a bit here and there, I managed to observe life there, buy a camera and shot these with it. There are more to come, along with some stories......

The first two pictures are from the Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Bangkok. This bazaar goes on till around midnight. Mostly has a lot of souvenirs, mainly for the tourist crowd. The first picture was a doorway that looked beautiful and the second one is of a little babe who was the daughter of one of the shopkeepers. I asked if I could take a picture because I found her very cute and she all too willingly posed, apparently the hand sign means 'I Love You', I wouldn't know.

The third one is a picture of one of the roadside vendors from whom I bought a pair of beautiful black apsaras. I just had to take his picture because he was flirting outrageously with me while bargaining. I am generally very bad at bargaining but I loved doing it in Bangkok. Most barely understand English and use a calculator to punch in their price for an item. You then punch in how much you are willing to pay and it goes on till you huff and walk away and the shopkeeper calls you, tries to talk you into paying a few baht more, the usual. But I found the people very very sweet and always willing to smile, something so rare in a place that is so full of tourists.

The fourth picture is one of a performer at the Siam Niramit show, a pantomime that portrays the life and culture of Thailand. It is one the best shows I have ever seen and deserves a full post written on it. Until then, these few pictures with a promise of more updates......I sign off.


ShaK said...

Nice pictures here. Glad to know you had a good time there despite the brief visit. Looking forward to the next set.


Niranjan said...

Have not visited your blog for many days. Good piece about the visit. With the photos on the blog I could now imagine the extent of enjoyment you people had. But why there are not any photos from shopping bazaar or shopping malls?