Friday, July 20, 2007

A Thought

Just a thought that passes my mind every once in a while when I think of certain people, things or events.

I never cease to be amazed at the fortitude of a human being to move on, no matter what happens in life. The worst tragedies, the hardest heart break, the supreme joy, all pass by. What remains is survival, through it all, despite of it all. Life simply goes on and so do people, even if they sometimes do not wish to.


A.K.Purandare said...

With your permission i will like to add that individual and weak wish really do not matter.May be as we say the destiny or in in other words the wish forced on us by our peers really matter.
I do get more message from your blog that our life is for others and we have to keep learning from good and encouraging positive examples of life.
Your amazement indicates your positive energy.Keep spreading the flowers.Good luck.

ShaK said...

The human spirit is definitely the ONLY reason humanity has survived for so long. It is easy in some cases and in others it is not. Moving on from certain places in life becomes a must since there is no point left for that individual at that spot anymore. The body moves on...but sometimes the heart does not. And when the heart does not is when the individual's future begins to see the consequences.

A past determines a future is such an apt expression.

Keep writing. Keep lighting.


Deepa Bhasthi said...

well purandare, i believe that though you are bound by destiny, it is still in your hands how you choose to shape your life. peer pressure ceases to be important after a point of time.

shashi, i totally agree with you.
thank you both for your wishes.