Saturday, September 06, 2008

Playing now....

[A post because I wanted to post something but did not have the time to write a long one!]

I used to think I was not much of a music person until I discovered the FM radio stations and off late, after I got my iPod. I love music now, cannot work with it. And I say it literally. To me multi-tasking is my iPod plugged into my ears, once in a while a little web surfing and work.
I love how tiny my little iPod is, love it that it can hold so many songs. There are some 200+ songs on it now, but the ones that I search for the most are these:

* Nee bandu nintaaga, nintu nee nakkaga, sothe nanaga: One of the most perfect songs I have ever heard from the film Kasturi Nivasa, sung to perfection by the golden voiced P B Srinivas and P Susheela. The lyrics, the tempo, the way it flows, perfect!

* Maathinalli helalarenu, rekheyalli geechalarenu: From the new film Bombaat. Beautiful lyrics, lovely voice.

* Tum ho tho, gaata he dil, tum nahi to geet kahaan: From the movie Rock On. Amazing film, great song, words that will remain in my heart for long.

* Jo pyar tune mujko diya tha, wo pyar tera mein lautaraha hoon: Sung by Mukesh, an eternal favourite of mine. I never fail to cry when I listen to this.

* Teri Deewani: By Kailash Kher. That man has the power to melt hearts with his voice.

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