Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hampi and Conversations

The ruins of Hampi, indulge in conversations. I have always been fascinated by the rocks of Hampi, the only place where, to me, rocks are not just that, but monuments of stories, of history and grandeur. It had been long since I went there. The Hampi Utsav 2008, I was at work. Hot days and long nights of work, no food, no sleep, no mobile network (the best part), too many people, badly organised, there was little that was nice about it. But at dusk, when the lights came on, nothing mattered. The Virupaksha, Vijaya Vittala, the many many others, all began to speak. I could not take my eyes off. Hampi... I walked alone, explored, walked, photographed a lot, met people, discovered, yet again...did a lot that I loved.
Here, a few of the frames I loved. The main temples have been seen enough in other frames, this and many more, was the Hampi I saw.


Karthik L G said...

each photo u have clicked brings back those lovely memories i have of those lovely ruins .. the first and the last gives a different look . decorated ruins

coffeesip said...

Somebody from IE askd me to go thru ur blog Its worth. loved reading.