Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My free spirit has been accumulating many miles off late. Got back from a busy four days in Hampi. Loved loved loved it, yet again. In a couple of weeks, the day after my birthday, I am off to Chicago, on work to cover a conference. My first trip to the US! Goes without saying that I shall look around, peep around the corner and do all that I am told not to (ok people, I'm kidding!) The visa thingie is left and I need to go to Chennai for that. My travel miles I shall encash, for experiences, many a story, many an adventure.

Hmmm...looking forward, to travel and a lot of other things.

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Karthik L G said...

nov 28 is fast approaching .. i know chicago is miles apart.. 3 hours time difference from the west coast where I stay. But if u have the minutest of chances to come over to california.. do let me know. have a wonderful trip!!