Thursday, June 04, 2009

Go Earth!

I am getting a great kick out of this live feed thing on the sidebar. Feedjit lets you watch your blog traffic live and just now, I had it on.

I love that a lot of people from several countries are reading what I write. Two places caught my eye just now on the live feed. Someone from Ljubljana, Bohinj and Pueblo Nuevo, Chiriqui (I cannot even pronounce the names!) have been visiting. I Googled, the first is in Slovenia and the latter in Panama. I am all wide grins right now; always been interested in exotica!

I must have mentioned this somewhere in these pages that a long time ago, I had drawn up a itinerary to travel across the world. It was, but obviously, alone and I had decided that I would need Rs 3 crore for it. I don't think I cared where I got that much money from, dad was there! :-) Well, I don't quite remember what countries and cities I had decided to see but I remember staring at hours at the atlas and picking and dropping countries every once in a while.

I still wish to do all that. That much money would be more than enough, I am sure. And I still look at maps and travel sites. And I make friends, at least to learn what they and their country is like. Life is too short to be everywhere and see everything. And it would be a pity to finish with it without broadening your mind and accepting, like a humble piece of sponge, other cultures and new places and people and ideas and thoughts.

As I ramble on, I mean to do more than merely survive. Do drop me a mail, more so you readers from Ljubljana and Chiriquia and and others from wherever and tell me who you are. You would have noticed, I love writing! ;-) I would love to hear what you want me to say here.

Meanwhile, keep coming back though :-)

Oh also, do observe world environment day in any little way you can. This is the only home we have, so far. Plus, green is cool.


Amit Deshpande said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deepa Bhasthi said...

Amit, I got the comment anyways, though you deleted it.

I know about the next blog thing you mentioned all too well. And about the live feed image one, I must do that, once I learn how to.

Debanish Achom said...

This live feed thing looks nice but I don't know whether it will clutter my space. Anyway I will give it a try

Amit Deshpande said...


Of course you would have configured for the comments, I had envisaged it.

I deleted the comment thinking that even if any of your followers would click on their link it would show as, so cant really figure out the next blog thingy. But later realised that your followers would be very well known to you or at least their place would be. Moreover, when you just update your blogs, your bloglink is featured on the top of the index on the blogger software and hence more chances of getting hits from people using next blog button from diverse places.

Live Feed can be configured as an image from their website and it works wonderfully, telling you the link through which your readers arrived from which place on earth at what time and when they left using which link. The other details about their operating software, browsers are also there.

Happy Feed Monitoring to you!