Monday, June 15, 2009

In Bullets

* I have learnt that sometimes, the most hardest thing that you could possibly have to do is smile and be cheerful.

* I have also learnt that being strong is not often a choice you get to make.

* There are some very beautiful people in the world, some from most unexpected quarters, and I know I shall never stop believing that.

* We meet people along, of all kinds. Ma taught me that there are good qualities in everyone. I learnt that too. And I wish every happiness to them all. Every one a good person, beneath the onion layers.

* Lessons of life apart, I am loving Kabir's songs off late. Sufi kind. The Dervish kind.

* Another fiction is brewing in the background. And no, you won't see it here.

* I realise that when I have nothing much to write, or too much to write, I randomise (is that a word?) here. And put them in bullets.

* I wish I was travelling right now. (When have I not?) :-)

* My laptop has conked off. Please let it not be a hard disk crash, I have too many memories on it. I am hoping to get a new one soon.

* I am reading varied things. And having some great conversations with some great people. And also loving life, bit by bit.

* I ended up at a temple last evening, a long time later. It felt good, a long time later.


Debanish Achom said...

This is as random as one can get, and I nod in agreement with most of the things you have mentioned. Also, we're eagerly waiting for that another fiction that's brewing in the background. :-)

Deepa Bhasthi said...

LOL, I know, pretty random.

And when I do manage to write the other fiction, I shall mail it for feedback!