Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its a Tea Thing!

At the time I began this blog, I was a heavy coffee drinker, a self confessed addict, no thanks to those years and situations at uni. Four years later, I write to you about being fully off that addiction, so much that days go by without me drinking a cup of coffee. This, I must say, is also thanks to better situations, fuller days and mostly, the fact that I don't get good coffee in office.

Ah well, the urge to hold on to a habit has now shifted to a healthier one, that of green herbal tea and morning walks and yoga. And I happily confess to being an addict of all three.

The problem with herbal tea is with the herbs, I am yet to find a place in Bangalore where I can get some fresh herbs. As for now, here's my twice a day ritual:

Water set to boil with bits of cinnamon, sprinkles of parsley, generous amounts of rosemary and then green tulsi tea leaves with a dash of honey. Healthy and great with a book and music in the background. Trust me, health shows on the face.

Like ma has taken to saying these days, it took the efforts of India's armed forces to whip some discipline into the days of my life! :-)


Debanish Achom said...
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Debanish Achom said...

coffee ruins my sleep. I was a heavy drinker, too, but left it. I have a very bad experience with coffee. I had almost gone mad, especially early mornings.