Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Best Breakfasts, the Best Meals--II

Continuing my random list of some of my most memorable meals... (The first of the list is here)

* FALAK, JAMMU TAWI: BK and I were staying at this government tourism guest house place in Jammu, just after the course that I was on. Javaid mian was immensely disappointed that we boring vegetarians. None of Kashmiri food, except for kahwa chai, could we have.
Anyway, near where we were staying was this place called Hotel K C Residency with Falak restaurant. The food was very Mughalai and not exceptionally great. But what I most loved was the fact that it was a revolving restaurant! I was super thrilled about the whole concept. You don't much feel the movement unless you look outside. Jammu in September was terribly hot, so comfortably, from the top floor of Falak in the middle of the older parts of the city, we saw all there was to see in Jammu and spent the rest of the time shopping like mad. Every thing is so darn cheap! I loved this place for its shopping (but of course!) and the whole concept of revolving!

* FRESH AND NATURAL, BANGALORE: This is a little chain of salad and juice bars. I frequent the one in Sadashivnagar. This one is all for the amazing variety of healthy food you get here, the most strange combinations of fruits and vegetables, all fresh, rather inexpensive and super-yummy. All you Bangaloreans, please try!

* QUEEN'S, CHURCH STREET: This is an easy one. I love the food, I love the ambiance, I especially love the paneer-tikka, served with a tiny lit candle inside a tomato, I love the company I often go here with, I love the food. Simply, my most favourite place in this part of town.

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