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What Film Stars Have To Do With My Age

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I never expected me to like Surya, that great looking Tamil actor. Especially not in a movie like Kaaka-Kaaka, that famous cop movie, where he looks like this very typical South Indian man, moustache and everything. But like? Oh boy! I loved him in that movie! Not his otherwise chocolate boy-meets-muscle man look, but the one in the movie, I-am-a-cop-serious-oh-so-tough kind of look. I loved his eyes, especially. Plus he is in uniform. What is it about uniforms that make a guy all the more delectable I wonder?

(The other day, we girls in the office were mooning over how yummy uniforms make a guy and from across, a friend tells us, why not look at the security guards outside? They are in uniform too! Right! But, never mind, it’s a girl thing!)

The movie is great, by the way, though I don’t like the ending. If you ask me, commercial films should not have sad endings. After all, you watch them for mindless entertainment, my logic being that since real life can never be a happily-ever-after, such movies have to have a nice ending.

Jyothika and Surya, also a real life couple, make an excellent pair. And I have to say this again, I fell in love with him in the movie! He makes cops look so glamorous. That brings me to them, the police are so much like journalists, they go through the same drudgery, working on Sundays and all festivals and holidays, at all odd hours, when the rest of the world is living a life. They, I feel, like journalists, are one of the most unacknowledged community of people. I am sure, like in every field, there are the bad guys, the good guys. The very little I know of them, they are not that bad, you know.

I digress, as always. Surya is apparently 43 years old. The big 40 plus. Shah Rukh Khan is over 40, so is Aamir Khan, so is Akshay Kumar. And Tom Cruise. And Milind Soman, how can I not mention him! And a host of all the others that I have liked over the years. They are all over 40, all have been in the public gaze for nearly 20 years now. Now that is what puts my life and age in perspective.

Aamir started with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak when I was a little girl. I remember seeing Shah Rukh in Fauji and then Circus, that delightful series on life in a circus. Akshay’s pelvic gyrating moves in Main Khiladi Tu Anari…all that seems so long ago. Yesterday, I was going through my music list and chanced upon songs from Saajan. That film was made in 1991! That’s close to 20 years ago! Madhuri Dixit is over 40, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan are nearing 50!

When I see the ages of film stars and other people in public in the papers, there is this awareness of how life goes by, and you scantly notice it. People you have grown up having crushes on, those that started their careers when you were a kid, they are the veterans now. There is a new brigade that you cannot really identify with, pretty little things and just out of teens, the Ranbir Kapoor kinds, or the others I don’t know the names of.

Back in my teens I used to think that I would never outgrow certain things, junk jewelry, boy bands, a search for the coolness factor in everything, buying cassettes (then) of all the latest movies, or crushes on Leonardo DiCaprio. Before we know it, we grow up and grow out to be more mature, sophisticated, preferring silver jewellery, chiffons and handlooms, leaving boys for men. Back then, we seem invincible, the world is our oyster. I guess it still is.

No, I am not suddenly feeling old and outdated, though when I see the interns who walk into the office (old office, I keep forgetting), more tech savvy, speaking slang, carrying fashion along, we all do feel a tad outdated. Just that, seeing Surya and many others were above 40 got me thinking that I have spent over 20 years of being aware of actors and having crushes on them. That’s a long time.

It is strange how you never really acknowledge your age, yet there is, in the subconscious, a knowledge that people you grew up seeing are growing old, that the youth you knew are now middle-aged, that 40 does not seem that far away, that old as it used to. It is almost like you are standstill, just the world is moving ahead.

Call it another form of escapism. Age is, of course, how old you think you are and all those nice things. Or not.

I watch Kaaka-Kaaka as I write this. How can I not say this again, that I love Surya! And Milind Soman, someone I have had a crush on for probably the last 20 years. Now that’s a long, long time.

We all grow up, and older.

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