Sunday, August 01, 2010


I have been having so much to write off late that I took the very easy out and didn't write at all. Now, the molehill has become a mountain and I will have to berate myself and abandon most of the stories I have been meaning to write. Taking a cue from a style we used to adopt at work for news reports, read on some randomities that have been what I call life these past few months.

* The line 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" is probably how I would sum up what I do. But a one liner just won't do. Yes, there have been many many bad times, but mamma taught me to see the good ones first. I have been doing things that, I am told, what most people can only dream about. I am not sure about that. But I do admit, there have been very unusual times, people and places that less than a year before, I wouldn't have imagined myself to be doing. The vagueness is done with.

* The other day, Jay and I wanted to go somewhere, anywhere. Given how the city's crowded malls and every other place puts us off, we went to the airport. We sat in a nice red bus and rode the 45-minute long way to the airport. Had coffee, did some heavy duty, soul-soothing girl talk and also promptly got depressed about not being able to fly out somewhere. For one insane moment, dinner in Goa was very very tempting, but thin wallets thankfully held us back. We rode back to a mall, did what we girls do best, some retail therapy and generally it was a happy day!

* May I recommend Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, a true girls' book. An easy read, no doubt, but I believe that any girl would find something in it for her. I promised myself I would watch the first day show of the Julia Roberts-starrer movie when it releases.

* The other book that I sort off went ga-ga about is Serious Men by the journalist Manu Joseph. It is the story of child prodigies, the likes of Tatagat Tulsi. The book started off fantastically. I have always loved his columns in Open Magazine for their satire and dry humour. So good I found the book initially that I was recommending it to everyone who would listen. I still would, but I must admit that somewhere along the way, the book no longer held me the way it did in the beginning. Somewhere, it didn't stay too interesting any longer. I was reminded of Kunal Basu's Racist which went the similar way for me. But still, it makes for a nice read.

* Hampi, dear old Hampi has been under planning for nearly three months now. We hope that the next date being decided upon stays.

* I just got back from Bagalkot, yet again. There are more stories, more beautiful Devadasis that I fell in love with. That brought to mind an old idea I have been toying with for many months now. I have a feeling you will read about it in a few more months. All kicked about that which I cannot tell you! :-)

* I am reading Margaret Atwood again, her 'Life Before Man'. A very unusual book. I think I prefer her short stories.

* The writer friend Deb has started a magazine of his own called EDGE, as of now, circulated in the North East. The first issue was out yesterday. I am supposed to be 'Writer-at-Large', after contributing an article! I like the designation! I hope the magazine lives up to be as satirical and as sarcastic as we all know him to be! Good luck!

* The other day, me, the favourite cousin and friends were sitting and talking through half the night. As with all good conversations, songs came up and the talk veered around the one favourite song in every language. Saras and I were of the opinion that favourite songs depends on the situation and mood, there can be many such. But upon insisting, I listed these as my favourites. Subject, of course, to changing without notice!
-- Kannada: 'Yaava Mohana Murali Kareyithu' in Raju Ananthaswamy's voice, from the film America America
-- Hindi: 'Honton Se Chulo Tum' from the film Prem Geeth (I think)
-- English: 'I Shall Believe' by Sheryl Crow and 'Here With Me' by Dido (for the memories I associate with it)

* For those of you who didn't know, I have been volunteering with an NGO called Tribal Health Initiative (THI) in a place called Sittilingi Valley in interior Tamil Nadu. A doctor couple works with 'Malevasi' tribals in the area. I do a bit of their writing work and get to escape to that place any time I might wish. It has been an absolute delight. The tribals speak a version of pure, sing-song like Tamil of which I don't speak a word of. My Tamil is derived from Suriya's films and old memories. But somehow we communicate. My many new friends there insist they can understand what I am trying to say, are delightfully protective and utterly sweet! It continues to be one of the best things I have taken up to doing.

* There is another something that I am dying to write about but cannot! The mystery will be out, hopefully, fingers crossed, in less than two months. Travel. That's the only clue as of now.

* All these things apart, I am still left with some time where I have been thinking and giving myself a hard time thinking some more. But for the most part, it has been incredible, this whole quitting work business. Despite everything, it has been incredible. And for all those who periodically ask me, no thank you, I do not yet intend to get back to office, any office, any time soon. And yes, I am making more money in two days than I did in an entire month at work, thank you very much again. Plus the joy of doing a million things. It has been totally worth it.


Debanish Achom said...

This is something like the old 'metro digest' :-) only that now it's called 'life digest'

I like what you said about Hampi! But don't be RSPDB. I will paste a scanned photo of the tickets I have booked, just to calm TT's nerves :-)

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Life digest? Eesh! That sounds kinda weird!
I think there is a change in Hampi yet again. Check with us before you book.

Deepa Bhasthi said...

'Anonymous' Bharat. For all the noises you make about anonymity, you are not exactly being all too public either.

And might I point out, I don't see any obligation for you to read these pages in the first place.

Giribala said...

Two many mysteries :-)