Friday, October 08, 2010

The Condition of Claustrophobia

In a form listing my allergies, not that I have any, maybe I should list claustrophobia the next time around. I suffer from it. And I have long suffered because of it.

This condition does not allow me to remain in one place for too many weeks or months. The time is shorter in cases of cities, such as in this one that I am right now. After a while, I get so terribly claustrophobic that I just have to get out somewhere, even if it's for one day. The unease is nearly physical and have been known to cause acute irritation, impulses and exasperation in those who are subject to rants from me!! The parents understand this all too well, ma has a milder version of it. The world's best roomie, Sush, also tried to get it. And some Sundays at uni were thus spent waking up early and heading off alone somewhere, anywhere. She never asked, bless her, if she could join in.

I have been told it is a vice to have this condition, that I cannot expect to go out every few months. Maybe it is a vice. Maybe I have learnt life this way, lived because of this urge and those itchy feet. Or maybe this is just me. I don't think I ever wish to be cured.

Not many weeks past, that claustrophobia is creeping in again. I can see it at a distance. I haven't been travelling enough to keep this restlessness at bay, that means. Not good. Now where do I go? Home and hills I head to next week. Then there is a Kerala plan, a possible TN plan and another far far away land plan. Between these, where is a one-day trip place near this walls I live in? Where where do I go?

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