Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's the lovely Dasara season again, a tradition that I had not missed for the first 23 years of my life. Between then and now, several things happened, several traditions were lost. This year began with the mandatory jing-bang all over the place.

Some of us went to the Bengalee Association Dasara in Bangalore the other night and ate till I thought I would throw up. Before that Jay and I spent a day in Mysore, where predictably, all kinds of things happened. It was maddeningly hot, then rained on our day. Lunch was a strange combo of akki-roti, without egg curry for me and a glass of wine which we had bought thinking it was fruit punch! Strangely, at the Mysore Palace, we even heard Hotel California at full blast, was rather odd at that place, to say the least!

I say this often, that I love India the most for the sheer riot of colour I see all around me. Dasara is always just that. I have this collection of colourful picture that I shall put up soon.

For now, here are some very random, not too great pictures. I like them for the memories and times they evoke.

Maa Durga at Palace Grounds, Bangalore

The too-good food at the Bengalee place. Rice, dal, poshto and potatoes...knee-weakeningly good!!! Add to that two fabulous rosho-gullas.

A poster...

These balloons were all over the place. This is the 400th year of Mysore Dasara, a fact at Karnakata's warring government conveniently forgot till almost the last minute.

Mysore Palace. I love the sepia look.

Just like that, I like the lighting in this one.

Mysore Silk sarees, fabulous to feel, prohibitively expensive. And the colours!


Giribala said...

Oh, is it Dasara already?
Nice pictures!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Thanks Giribala!
Yes, today is Dasara, Vijayadashami.

Debanish Achom said...

nice pics! but j's toi story on this was rspj. later

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Thanks Deb, a lot more coming up!