Tuesday, January 11, 2011

North-East Sojourn: The Final Tally

12 days, some 4,000 kilometres from home, 3 states.

Damages: The Expenditure

* Two large pimples thanks to the mustard oil used for cooking there. And a slight tan.
* My brand new Sony Walkman earphones, crushed against the door of the taxi. :(
* Ma's pair of silver anklets that she lost somewhere.
* A vicious temper unleashed in Guwahati, no physical damage committed.
* An irritating sprain in the arm from carrying two monstrous pieces of luggage.
* A hefty phone bill.

Gains: The Income

* A whole new world that opened up there.
* A love affair with the North East that has only just begun.
* Ma's utter happiness with the whole trip: priceless.

The final tally like I said, was one solid trip that I can't stop recommending!

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