Monday, March 14, 2011

This Blogger Recommends

Okay, here is where I subject you to inanities like recommending stuff that you couldn't care in less for. But well, this is one in the list of things you can do when you have a space to write just about anything in the world.

* The King's Speech: Colin Firth is amazing and after my Oscar favourite Inception, this movie does it for me.

* The Fighter: I love Mark Wahlberg but the movie is too much of Invincible for me to be wholly impressed.

* True Grit: Loved Jeff Bridges, loved that little girl whateverhernameis. Full on Wild West sort of drama, but quite recommendable!

* Black Swan: I for one loved it for the way it tricks your mind. People called it a horror but its watchable, you ask me.

* Inception: Definitely my favourite. It takes someone of great creativity to imagine something so complex and bring it on to the screen.

* 127 Hours: Intense and quite good. Though I really didn't think A R Rahman's music suited the film.

* Sanctum: I watched it in Goa on the big screen. Very tight and intense, predictable ending but the cinematography is amazing.

* Band Baaja Baraat: If you understand Hindi, don't you dare miss watching this. Hilarious and rather touching. Anoushka Sharma looks gorgeous and the girl can act!

And there are more and more movies to watch. Until my next inane post, ciao!

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