Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Painting to Kandisa

If ever I claim to be able to paint, don’t believe me. Because I can’t. But when has not being an expert stopped me from having fun? Never- the answer.
So I was tired and grumpy and easily irritable this evening. After a round at a super market to get supplies, on a whim, I ended up buying some paint colours and paint brushes, dreaming of creating swishes of beauty and texture and colour on hairclips and photo frames and everything that had a paintable surface at home. Ya right!
The intense desire to relax was gnawing when I got back home. I sat down with a tall mug of cardamom tea and laid out the paints stylishly on the floor. I fished out a plain black clip and dreamed of how colourful I was going to make it. I was holding a paint brush for the first time after class 10. It turned out these were poster colours and wouldn’t stick well on plastic. Great!
So I grabbed the first notebook I could find (it turned out to have ruled pages! blah!) and inserted an Indian Ocean CD into my CD player. Here is what I painted to Kandisa, one of my most favourite songs, in any language.

If you haven’t started to already, promise me you won’t laugh. I told you I can’t paint. But when it is abstract, the painter (that’s me today) has the liberty to give an interpretation. So this is my take on the five elements, earth, fire, water, sky and ether. The blues are the sky and the water. The little bird-like figures are meant to be, well, birds to depict the sky. Water is pale blue at the bottom. Right!
The green is of course the earth, with a little tree on one side. The red is supposed to be ether/air. Don’t ask me why red. I don’t know (I claim artistic license here! Hah!). Fire is the yellow of course, going up in little flames. Fire is also my element sign. Yes there is something called the element sign, depending on your star sign. Fashionable, isn’t it? Fire is also why I am hot and bothered and fiery sometimes. I like to think it is also why I have this mad passion to write too.
Then there were three small envelopes I messed around with.

I hope you aren’t thinking I am as mad as I can actually be sometimes. My five year old niece paints a hundred times better than this. But well, I wanted to shamelessly flaunt these strokes of madness here. Ok, I am done now.
Maybe it was the song. But I actually felt better after this, better enough to simmer down and decide to blog about this. Mission accomplished!


Captain Nemo said...

Good job!!! I did not even smile, promise...

PS: just a guffaw that lasted about ten minutes. :-D

Deepa Bhasthi said...

:( I thought as much!! I posted it here so I could look at it 5 yrs from now and guffaw! :(