Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dear Old Nokia

When you abuse something (or someone), torture it, ill-treat it (or them), they might take it. Because they are built and conditioned to take it and continue working despite the abuse. But then, one day, it so happens that it breaks out of the conditioning and all engineering brilliance and gives up. That is when you cannot really blame it (or them). The abuse had gone on for too long.

After nearly three years, it looks like my dear old Nokia phone has had enough of my constant abuse of it. It is dying, one part at a time. But then, after said abuse, I kind of understand why my little piece of circuit boards and buttons is giving up.

It is soon going to be time for a change. Dare I succumb and bite the Apple?

Think mode.


Samuel Gnanadurai said...

The apple's usually don't tolerate too much abuse. Beware!!!

Captain Nemo said...

Aaah! An Apple is too tempting, right from biblical times ;-)

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Hahaha yes the apple has always been tempting. But I have made up my mind not to succumb, on moral grounds!! LoL