Friday, January 06, 2012

Friends, Farms and New Writings

This is Kat, arguably one of the most helpful, one of the most kind-hearted soul I have ever met. German girl. Lightens her hair. She is arranging the salad basket we picked up fresh from the garden at John’s, a little outside Bangalore. That is what I did this New Year’s Eve. Fun was an understatement for how good it was. Met some amazing people, got my hands dirty, had terrible aching bones but loved every minute of it.
I wrote about it at The South Reports. The good people there invited me to blog for them. It is an honour, for there are some well known names who write there. So once in a while, hop over there too and read my blog posts. My page is at
So that about the new year was good. This year has started well. There are some changes in the offing too, on the professional front. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, cheers, dear, you all!


Samuel Gnanadurai said...


It took me to the day where i worked on the fields, literally sowing seeds and reaping happiness with all my friends in an interior village in Assam.

Having lived half my life in Chennai and now living in Delhi, i could understand the feeling;

Very true people in the cities, don't really know the happiness the touch with nature can bring.

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Thanks Sam.
Yes, people in the city don't know what it is like. But then, if they have never experienced it, they wouldn't miss it either.