Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Long Line on Identity

I questioned myself this weekend. Are we who we think we are? Not existential or identity crisis thinking, this. I began to wonder what makes us, us. Is it what we think we are or is it our actions? Am I what I perceive myself to be, even if my actions may contradict those perceptions? Or am I what my actions make me, even if they go against what my definition of self says? I am not what people perceive me as, not that I have ever cared for external validation to my existence. But this weekend has made me wonder, am I my perception or am I my actions? I think I want to know the answer. But if I were to dust off some dormant instincts, I am thinking they would point at the latter.

Which is good. At least my art would evolve, or so I want to think. And that would be a good price to meet the consequences with.


Samuel Gnanadurai said...

Deepa, never thot a philosopher is in u as well:)

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Thanks Sam :) that's among the many facets of me!