Monday, March 25, 2013

Introducing Vira!

Dogs are high maintenance. Dogs get very attached. Dogs demand a lot of time, a lot of attention. Dogs have short lives and always, always leave you with a broken heart. But dogs are like a grand love affair, they have a way of capturing your heart, making you their slave. After them, nothing remains the same, you can never remain the same. Their love is unconditional. Dogs are the only living beings that always love you more than you probably deserve. Like they say, you might not know how to love a dog, but a dog always knows how to love a human.

Yes, I LOVE dogs. They are very often much better than humans. I understand dogs better than humans, and them, me. As an only child, growing up, after a fight with ma, hugging a dog always stopped the tears. They have been family, never a pet. And a new addition to the family is Vira, a mongrel and something mix who is currently driving my other dog Blacky and the rest of the family up the walls with his energy and naughtiness.

Why Vira? Vira means brave in Kannada. At that time, I was thinking of my favourite yoga asana, Virabhadrasana and how I hadn't practiced it in a long time. Random as it was, the name clicked and stayed.

Dogs in my family are tremendously spoilt. Vira is well on his way to being the brat I never was.

Born: January 26, 2013
Breed: Mixed
Colour: Shades of black, biscuit and brown
Skills: Extremely energetic. Bites everything in sight. Borderline arrogant. Already adept at displaying the classic puppy eyes face to get away with bad behaviour. 


Samuel Gnanadurai said...

Have been thinking of buying one for quite some time!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

You should get one Sam. They are very demanding, but also an utter joy to have around.