Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writers and Demons

It’s a way of dealing with them, or at least trying to process them. Writers who don’t have demons will find some, or they won’t be writing.

I think that writers who don’t deal with those personal things, those demons, are a little cheap. That’s the problem with minimalist writing sometimes. It doesn’t have the content beneath it. Some minimalist writers, they want to have the literary language, but they don’t want to have the passion or they don’t want to risk too much. That kind of writing is cheap. It doesn’t dare to stand out there naked. When I see that kind of writing, I always wonder, as a reader, Am I not worth it? Why don’t you want to give me any of your skin?

- Dorthe Nors, in Paris Review

One of the truest things I have read about writing in recent times.

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