Saturday, July 02, 2005

Su Do Ku in The Hindu

It started with my favourite paper The Hindu which began publishing sudoku every day. I was hooked on to it and so is ma and Mahesh, my friend from uni. My record in completing the one in The Hindu is 07 minutes. Mahesh claimed to have done one in 04 mins, though I dont really believe him!
Sudoku is a Japanese number puzzle where there are nine columns again divided into 3x3 columns. You have to fill numbers from 1 to 9 in each column in such a way that the numbers are not repeated in the entire line horizontally and vertically. Sounds complex the way I have written it but it isnt so bad. Check for details or pick up any daily, almost all have it these days. The Hindu though is perfect all the time, something that cannot be said of some regional newspapers.
The Hindu is a classy newspaper. It is known for its Leftist leanings but if you want reliable news reported in correct, good English, this is it. I learnt my English reading this paper. The editorials are still very complex but it is one great paper. I have been reading it ever since I began reading newspapers. You can check out their online edition at

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