Monday, July 11, 2005

When Lightning Strikes!

Lightning is quite common in Madikeri just before the start of monsoon. It has been known to strike houses, trees and in rare cases, people. But lightning never struck my house because of the microwave tower (now defunct) on Stewart Hill behind my house.
That day was different. I dont know why it happened but one ray of light chose to strike our house. I remember a bright flash and a loud sound on the wire for the telephone. The wall around it had become black and I used to shrink away from going anywhere near it.
I didnt realize it then but I now know how devastating it could have been. No one was hurt that day. I continue to marvel at nature. No matter how advanced we become, can we stop nature from taking her course? That should teach us some humility. We are but tiny beings in an unimaginably vast whole.

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Adam C said...

Hi Deepa

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