Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ah Travel!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I am back! Back with so many stories that I am sure it will be a long time before I need to think of topics to write about on my blog!

A brief here: I went to Badami, Aihole and Pattadkal first (places of the Chalukya dynasty). Then it was Bijapur with the Gol Gumbaz and the famous Whispering Gallery. Next stop was Hyderabad with the pearls, bangles, the Golkonda Fort and so many others. I had a great time, had many new adventures.

We travelled in a tanga (a horse driven carriage), made friends with the driver, went on a conducted tour in an auto, elbowed by way through the very congested lad bazaar , learnt a lot of history (and forgot most of it!), climbed hundreds of steps everywhere, shouted at someone for being really irritating, ate lots of good food, nearly cried at the poverty I saw in the northern parts, met a guy from Karnataka who was born in Hyderabad, struggled to understand his Kannada but managed to get him to sell pearls for a real bargain...and travelled non stop for sixteen and a half hours from Hyderabad to Madikeri!! Boy! I am tired!

Had a good time though. Sad that it is over. A few days ago, I as looking forward to travelling and now its over. What is all the more depressing is that I know I will not be travelling anywhere in the near future. In a few months, uni will be over for good and once I start working, it will be difficult to go any where. This might just have been the last holiday with my family!

I plan to write about each place over a period of time, starting this coming Monday. I go back to uni tomorrow. See you.

Hope you have a great 2006. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


San Nakji said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear about it in detail!
Happy New Year to my best friend in India!

Dinesh said...

Good that you enjoyed the trip.
I was on a trek to fort Rajgad on 31st night. Had great fun.

Looking forward for your stories of the travel..