Saturday, January 07, 2006

Patting My Back!

I had some issues in mind but not today. I spent my time online reading other blogs on my must read list, something I hadnt read in a few days.
I have been sitting in front of the computer since this morning and my eyes hurt. I and my friends learnt Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Anfy, Namo Editor, SPSS and a bit of HTML today. This is the first time I learnt so much in one day after joining uni. So we were all very proud of ourselves.

Also, we are thinking of making a documentary film and are playing around with topics. The interest was sparked by a film called "Closer to Reality" made by some students of literature from Delhi about the Bhopal gas tragedy. We were ashamed at not having done anything about well, anything, and decided we wanted to do something meaningful. Any ideas are welcome!

We were thinking on the lines of some social issues, a problem or an environmental issue but then, we would be just like the Westerners who look for the negative side of India. Maybe we should do something positive, concentrate on some community, I dont know. Help!!!


Dinesh said...

There will be a conference of organisations into fort preservation in Mumbai on 29th January. You can cover up the issue of forts and nature preservation. It'll provide you with lot of positive as well as negative aspects of India.

San Nakji said...

Deepa, watch your sweeping generalisations of the west. Most people I know are desparate to go to India. They are not thinking negatively, but thinking of all the amazing experiences. As a budding journalist you should be more objective and accept that half a billion people are not all the same...

Deepa said...

Ah! I made a mistake by being not specifying here. remember I told you that we had a few norwegian students on an exchange prog to my uni? they had to make docus too and they were asking us for ideas that highlighted the poverty and lack of development. that is what I and my friends wanted to avoid, thats what i meant. Sorry to have come off on thwe wrong foot there San Nakji.

We are looking for something local Dinesh. We dont have the time and the resources to go to mumbai.