Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Poem

I wrote this in class today, pretending I was writing down notes (I did a bit of that too!). Now, before you go on to read the poem, let me tell you that I am in no way sad or dejected. The poem is a result of a little joke that began after I finished my internship.

There was this one person in office (wont tell you who, or where!) who talked really funny. My friends would tease him all the time and I was the only one going to his rescue, all behind his back, of course! So Mahesh started saying how I ought to marry his son (this person is really old) and go on defending my father-in-law. Lately, we found out that he doesn't have a son. Whenever I am extremely chatty and getting on his nerves, Mahesh talks of how this person can not be my mava and I pretend to be really depressed! The whole poem is part of that joke.

Shedding Tears for the Unborn

If life could be
An ocean of tears
Mine would be a drop
That nevertheless
Maketh the ocean what it is.

The Bard called
The world a stage
And I play my part
With a smile,
A hearty laugh.

But just ahead
Is a stark reminder
A word, an action
That opens up a hidden wound
A fresh well of tears
From which I draw
To water an unborn dream
A hope that died.

The unborn wish
Forms a lone tear
That I drop in the ocean
One drop that maketh
My large, sad ocean.

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ShaK said...

I am glad to hear this work emerged as a result of a joke. My initial reaction to the title and the content was that of an unborn child. No child should be unfortunate enough to be born and yet not be a part of this wonderful life called Earth. I hope this prayer of mine comes true. Amen.