Friday, March 24, 2006

I Love This Pic!

Good na? Mahesh took this picture. Let the picture speak for itself....

By the way, I happened to come across this blog about Kannada cartoons. Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Garfield have been translated. Check out

Random Thoughts.....

I almost feel out of touch with the business of blogging. Like I think I mentioned, so much has been happening in life that I never got the time. The end of the semester is always bad, with tons of work. With the added pressure of dissertation, it is only worse.

But I have had good times. We had workshops, I again interviewed another personality, it got published today. This time, it was Suresh Heblikar, a film director, actor and environmentalist. Another workshop on documentary film making is going on. I travelled a bit to a beautiful place nearby. That reminds me, I still have to write so much about my travels! I will, I will....

A lecturer from the department of Applied botany at uni here is attempting to set a Guinness world record by lecturing continuously for 101 hours!!! He is half-way through. The venue is right next to my class and we peep in every now and then. His name is Annaiah Ramesh and he is lecturing about the molecular cycle of life.

Now more than half the people in the University think he is crazy. The condition he is in now, I am tempted to say the same. But what right do we have to judge? If he does manage to complete 101 hours, and I hope he does, he will get an entry in the Guinness book. The media will talk about him for a while, until the next media hype. He will be left with a certificate while the people will forget in a while. So why do it? Come to think of it, why go on the moon? Why climb Mount Everest? Why go to the bottom of a volcano? Why do all those crazy things that people do? I suppose it is for that feeling of achievement, that self satisfaction that has made human beings explore the world. We need that, I guess. The desire to be remembered is common. I guess he needs to do this, however stupid it might seem for the rest of the world. Hope he gets through...

We have this workshop going on about documentary film making. A well known film director called Abdul Rehman Pasha is with us. He is an excellent teacher. As a part of the exercise, we shot a short film on yoga for students this evening. Made me want to join a yoga class again. The space constraints in my hostel room prevent me from practicing yoga, sadly.

I was in a shop a while ago and happened to see a chocolate bar called 'Kismi'. It brought back many memories. It has been around for a very long time now. I remember I had given those bars to my classmates on my birthday in second standard, over ten years ago! Biting into it, when I am about to finish my student life, made me think of the simplicity and innocence of those times. So fast the years fly by.....

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Shashi!

See what happens when I go away from the cyberworld for a few days. I miss a blogger friend's birthday. So here is wishing Shashi Krishna a very happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good day. May your 29th journey in life be bright, happy and prosperous!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Its been ages since I blogged. Life has been hectic, to put it mildly. I have a lot of stuff that I want to write about but you will not see me doing that for a few more days, until I finish the most tedious work that I am doing now.

I was reading San Nakji's blog and realised that I had been tagged. This tag is to tell you what is on my desk at the moment. Well, I dont have a desk because I am not a working journalist yet. So can I modify this a bit and tell you what I carry in my bag? (I am told it is always a mystery for men what women carry). Here goes....

  • My mobile, very very important and I don't think I need to explain why!
  • A little wallet stuffed with pictures of my family, friends, God, visiting cards, tickets from travel in local buses, a little bracelet someone gave me, a silver pendant, dozens of coins, ID cards, bits of paper and money, of course!
  • A small idol of Lord Krishna that I always keep in my bag. Prayer beads sometimes.
  • An address book with numbers of those who do not deserve a place on my mobile phonebook but are important nevertheless!!
  • Lip balm, Biotique Kajal, hair brush and a little mirror- this is my make up kit.
  • Cofitos, my most favourite coffee chocolates.
  • Pens, lots of them, most of them borrowed from Mahesh, and never returned!
  • Face tissues
  • Keys
  • Sunglasses and my computer glasses
  • Water bottle
  • The mandatory journalist's notepad
  • Pins, hair clips, band-aids, cellophane- for emergencies!!
  • If I am travelling, the bag would include my camera, spare jewellery, chocolates, etc.

There you go! Now don't think, these are the only things that go into women's bags! Some things need to remain a mystery!

When I work, I have my notepad in front of me and my mobile again. Maybe I will answer this question in the next few months after I start working.

For what is on your workdesk tag, I tag Karthik, BG, if he will oblige, ShaKri, Dinesh, Susmita.....anyone else want to try?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An Interview With Mr Rao

I was talking about this interview with the veteran journalist V N Subba Rao(in picture). Here is a transcript of the conversation. We spoke about a variety of issues and I am afraid there is no smooth flow of questions. My nervousness is no excuse for shoddy work, I know but anyway, the writer boldly throws the arena open for criticisms!

Do not fall prey to glamour of journalism: Subba Rao

V N Subba Rao needs no introduction to those familiar with the journalism world. The respect he commands comes from over fifty years of service in the profession. Starting his career as a film journalist, Mr Rao has worked in dozens of newspapers, both in English and Kannada and is currently the chairman of Karnataka Media Academy. He has been recently called the 'Bhisma pithamaha of Indian journalism', a title he richly deserves. He shared his views on various issues after inaugurating a one-day media workshop in the city recently.

What is your take on Page 3 journalism?
It should be only one form of journalism and is good for a section only. You should not mortgage entire journalism to Page 3. The language press should not emulate this trend.

What is film reviewing like today?
Film journalism is today considered frivolous with the stars being treated as dolls while the artists are being neglected. Unqualified people are reviewing films, trying to say a lot and end up saying nothing.

24-hour news channels have changed the face of journalism today. What do you think as far as their content is concerned?
The competition has made them lose their credibility. Also, a number of inexperienced reporters are presenting political perspectives. This could mislead the perspectives of the public. There is also lack of discretion because of the element of immediacy. A sense of immediacy is present in print medium too but that is different. It is up to the management to train reporters to give the right perspectives and analysis.
Sting operations are the latest trend today…
These are not new. In fact, sting operations started with Watergate. I agree there is a lot of corruption that need to be exposed but these sting operations should not become a fad. You have to be very careful where public morals are concerned.
Advertisers are dictating terms to the editors. What do you think?
Do not go out of your way to please them. You should give them publicity only when they deserve it and not mortgage your newspaper to them. This has become a vicious circle with the newspapers trying to attract advertisers from concentrating only on television. Unfortunately, I do not see this trend changing in the near future.
What is your advice to budding journalists?
Do not fall prey to the glamour of electronic journalism. You should not sacrifice fundamental ethics even in Page 3 journalism. Have more substance and depth and do not trivialize journalistic principles. Keep your head over your shoulders and don\'t let anyone exploit you. Remember that glamour is not all and that serious journalism is very hard work. Be more versatile, daring and more forth coming.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Memories of Madras

I have been meaning to write this for a long time now. I lived in Madras (I can never call it Chennai, it will always be Madras to me) for about two years about a decade ago, for some personal reasons. Those were some of the best days of my life. I mean to write about it in th ecoming posts... I spent a lot of time reading other blogs today and my work beckons...

What A Week!

Phew! What a week it has been. I came from home and all of a sudden it hit me that the deadline for dozens of assignments was a few days ahead. This is my fourth semester and I must say, none of us have learnt lessons from the tension of last minute hurry to finish work. But then, there is some strange joy in working under intense pressure, I come up with the best words when I am pressed for time. That is what I did. I completed fourteen assignments in a couple of days, started dissertation work very seriously and got a lot of work done.

Yesterday, we had a media workshop and I met some very nice people who came to participate. Mr V N Subba Rao, a veteran journalist for the past five decades, inaugurated the workshop. He has worked in many newspapers, both English and Kannada and is very well known for the film reviews he wrote for Deccan Herald. Presently, he is the chairman of Karnataka Media Academy.

I caught up with him in the evening and did an interview. God, it was hard! I am normally very relaxed before an interview and I get a high out of thinking up questions right then and there but Mr Rao is such a veteran that I was worried I would make a fool out of myself.

I must say I could have a much better job but I am not entirely unsatisfied either. The conversation we had after the interview was great. He was very sweet, very encouraging and a joy to talk to. And I did not feel like an ignorant fool either! I have the interview written down, maybe I could post it sometime...

That has been my week, very busy. The coming days are going to be worse!