Thursday, March 16, 2006


Its been ages since I blogged. Life has been hectic, to put it mildly. I have a lot of stuff that I want to write about but you will not see me doing that for a few more days, until I finish the most tedious work that I am doing now.

I was reading San Nakji's blog and realised that I had been tagged. This tag is to tell you what is on my desk at the moment. Well, I dont have a desk because I am not a working journalist yet. So can I modify this a bit and tell you what I carry in my bag? (I am told it is always a mystery for men what women carry). Here goes....

  • My mobile, very very important and I don't think I need to explain why!
  • A little wallet stuffed with pictures of my family, friends, God, visiting cards, tickets from travel in local buses, a little bracelet someone gave me, a silver pendant, dozens of coins, ID cards, bits of paper and money, of course!
  • A small idol of Lord Krishna that I always keep in my bag. Prayer beads sometimes.
  • An address book with numbers of those who do not deserve a place on my mobile phonebook but are important nevertheless!!
  • Lip balm, Biotique Kajal, hair brush and a little mirror- this is my make up kit.
  • Cofitos, my most favourite coffee chocolates.
  • Pens, lots of them, most of them borrowed from Mahesh, and never returned!
  • Face tissues
  • Keys
  • Sunglasses and my computer glasses
  • Water bottle
  • The mandatory journalist's notepad
  • Pins, hair clips, band-aids, cellophane- for emergencies!!
  • If I am travelling, the bag would include my camera, spare jewellery, chocolates, etc.

There you go! Now don't think, these are the only things that go into women's bags! Some things need to remain a mystery!

When I work, I have my notepad in front of me and my mobile again. Maybe I will answer this question in the next few months after I start working.

For what is on your workdesk tag, I tag Karthik, BG, if he will oblige, ShaKri, Dinesh, Susmita.....anyone else want to try?


San Nakji said...

Cellophane for emergencies? What kinds of emergencies? Primary school diorama emergencies? he he.
May I ask please, when you say you carry a picture of God, who is God for you? I mean Hindus have many gods right? Which one is THE God? Hope you are not offended by the question.


Deepa Bhasthi said...

Cellophane for emergencies when my footwear gets cut! not that my slippers do but I always have this feeling that they will!

God to me is Lord Krishna. There are 33 crore Gods in the Hindu patheon, to me, it is Krishna.
There is no THE God, everyone has a personal God, someone they feel close to. Nowadays, there are hardly any restrictions as to which God you should pray to.

San Nakji said...

It's nice to have a choice, great religion you have :OD