Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meeting Dalai Lama

Early, very early this morning, when the alarm starting ringing, I got up cursing the alarm, myself and the world. I do not like getting up early, unless it is to travel someplace or simply get up, do some yoga, grab a hot mug of coffee and relax with a book. But work beckoned, unfortunately. I was to go to a meeting of the Dalai Lama with the Governor of Karnataka T N Chaturvedi.

To worsen my early morning blues, this programme was at Windsor Sherton, one of the best hotels in the town. Now, these 5-star hotels are all extremely lovely. I especially love Taj West End and The Oberoi here. I wouldn't voluntarily go to any of these places. But the thing is, all business press conferences and other corporate events are held here and I am invariably forced to go.

My only problem is that I need to dress up to go here. My usual half crumpled kurta, a dirty pair of jeans won't do and that is what I hate, that dressing up part. And also the stuffy feeling I get at all these places. Snobbishness is something I cannot tolerate.

Anyway, this morning I got to the hotel and we did get to see and talk to the Dalai Lama. I took some pictures on my mobile that I will download and post soon. My impressions of him? Hmm.... I don't know. He came across as very dynamic with a smile ever ready on his face. He was very willing to mingle with everyone and posed for a number of pictures with tourists there. That is something I liked about him, that he was ready to mingle. A lot of religious gurus keep everyone else at a distance.

But somehow, he did not come across as the spiritual head that he is. I guess I was expecting him to be distant, formal and with this air of religious superiority. He was none of those, and quite nice because of that.

Dalai Lama, hmm! What, or rather who next, I wonder. :-)

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shakri said...

Wow. That is fascinating. I am so proud to be friends with someone who has met the Dalai Lama. A spiritual leader who is spreading the word of peace. A much needed entity in the chaos we call life today. I look forward to seeing his pictures here.

Keep up the good work! Even if it means getting up early. It definitely beats staying up late waiting for Santa to appear with my gift. :(