Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hello There

Hello readers (if you are still out there). How long has it been since I have written? A month? Probably more than that. What have I been doing these days? I wish I knew. I can't really say work has been keeping me away. Yes, I have been working, but it is not as hectic as it used to be. My new job profile is wonderful, it lets me actually live a life. Moreover, writing to me is life itself, there is no explanation as to why I have kept away for so long.

I could not call it a writer's block. If I could afford to have one of those, I couldn't have been working as a journalist. All these days, for some scary reason, the things I saw, the places I went to, my life I led inside my head and through words spoken to people, not through words written for posterity. It is scary because I am not a good speaker at all, I prefer to take refuge in words and let people know me through those. But then, change, the one element we are all scared of, yet unconsciously anticipate, was inevitable.

A few months ago, I went out, on a normal day at work, nothing unusual, except perhaps the nature of that day's assignment, announcement of the financial results of a major IT company. I went out, finished the assignment and also got myself a social life.

The last few months have been wonderful. I found myself a beyond-description kind of friend, a dear dear soul, the strongest base of my support system. I have begun to look outside the realm of work a bit, been going out shopping, socialising, having great fun. All the while, I no longer felt the urge to write, to just let out my thoughts into the world, if only to be free from their constraints. I could write a "Dear Diary" in spoken words, say anything I would normally want to write in this blog, describe my day, voice my dreams and fears, laugh it all off and live a life. Words began to seem irrelevant, they still do. But after well over a month of not writing, I realise that writing is its own release in itself. I can and will continue to talk on for hours but writing is in my blood, I cannot for long go against my nature.

So I shall be back often, I shall write again, living my life, a one that is just oh-so-beautiful. :-)