Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Thought

At one o'clock n the night, I get this thought. From what I know, from what I have felt, from what I have seen, the one truth that I know is that love, when it is true, is pure, immeasurable, unrestricted, untainted and definitely not bound under the names given to it, not bound by the names and rules that society chooses to impose on it. Love, between any two people, in any form, is the only true thing there is, the only real in a world of distorted reality.

Man, I get quite philosophical sometimes, don't I? ;-)


A.K.Purandare said...

I do agree.
Theres a great song in Old Hindi Movie "Khamoshi" SAYING ...
Ik Ahasas hai ye ruh se mahsoos karo,Pyar ko pyar hi rahane do koi naam na do.(Melodious sweet words).
One to many and many to one love also exists.In form of One Living creature to another living creature also it exists.
You are superb,at your best when you are gifted with this great feeling by almighty.

A.K.Purandare said...

Why do we get philosophical some times.Knowing that What triggers us to be philosophical also will be quite interesting.
Do you agree that one of these or more than one of these may trigger our brain to start transmitting philosophy .Great success,Great achievements,Great loss,Prolonged No work state,helplessness,Difficult to express etc.