Sunday, October 05, 2008

Soul Sister to get Married!!!!!!

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I just could not wait till tomorrow. I set my dozen problems aside when I write this aside. I don't feel like smiling, but for her I will grin today. I know if and when the best friend Raksha sees this, she is going to hate me. But I cannot resist, I need to say this....
(Drum roll please....)
The best friend, the girl I grew up with, my soul sister, ma's adopted daughter, Raksha the Great (as she used to call herself as a teen, with sarcasm) is getting married!!!!!! Finally!! Phew! To Pradhan, working in Bangalore. The last fact is the best part. Finally, my support system and I will be in the same city. Only when your best friend, the one who counsels you on everything from your hair cut to your career decision is away from you and you can only call her up at 1 am, only when such a person is away will you understand how thrilled I am.

Raksha and I have been friends for over a dozen years, probably because we are the only ones who will listen to each other and tolerate each others' crazy, insane behaviour. Raksha is the one I grew up with, who spent all our holidays at my home. The one who would breeze in with a quick hi and walk right into my kitchen to eat whatever was there. The one who always understood; I never had to explain why I did or thought what I did, she just always understood. We fought over marks. We fought over little things that girls do when in their teens. When she learnt to ride a bike, I was the only one willing to go with her. We would go all over town on her Kinetic. When she fell over her bike the only time in her life, I was there; I fell with her. We made junk jewellery together. We tried to bleach our jeans once and ended up tearing them into pieces (my dad laughed his head off and this is the first story that comes up at all gatherings!)We talked and cribbed about math classes, lousy teachers, stupid classmates, then college and studies, lecturers, crushes, then hostel, then work. And now we will crib about marriage and husbands ;-) (cheeky grin!!!)

Ma called us 'jodu-yetthu', literally meaning a pair of cattle; a Kannada usage that denotes something that is always together. Raksha and I are of the million arguments, the million heart talks, the years of laughter. Raksha is the one who never fails to make me laugh. Cynical, sarcastic sometimes. Plain funny, at most times. Raksha of a million stories together. Part of my two pronged support system, the sister I never had, the soul sister rather.

Love you girl :-* May you be the happiest ever. And Pradhan, you are one very lucky man! (There babe, I said it!)

(Giggles! Thinking of how much she will hate all this mush!!!)


A.K.Purandare said...

Good news.Wish all a very very happy future.

Sahana said...

Yeh Deepa.. Good work man.

All smiles reading about Raksha's part.I miss KV now :(...I am sure when she reads it she wil be all RED..

-Sahana Sajeev(Ur KV fren)