Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As Random As I Can Get

I am trying to unlearn a lot of lessons that I did not want to learn in the first place.

Today was one extremely traumatic day. Don't ask why.

I seem to have, somewhere in my thoughts, some profound thing to write here. But then, I don't seem to be able to actually bring it out today.

Self destruction.

Got an email forward today with some very beautiful pictures. Strange how some random things, taken someplace else, hits you so directly.

Depression. And thoughts of coffee.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabo.

I am not writing enough. Or well. Or writing well enough.

The deep cut on the finger. Did I actually like cooking today?

An old Mukesh song.
"Mein kar ek pal ka shayar hoon"

Numbers and trains and distorted dreams and running and water, lots of it and people and the wish for none of them and travel and a long road and the breeze and a beach in Chennai and yoga. The weirdest assortment of muddled thoughts that just passed through me.

Told you I would be random.


Debby said...

Good post on a rainy day. Captures the mood.

Deepa said...

Thanks Deb. And I loved your blog!