Monday, February 06, 2012

Oh, Just This and That. And a Lot Else!

A lot has happened. 2012 is sounding to be a good year after the disasters I have seen the last few years. They say the world will end this year, something about the Mayan calendar. If only ending things was that easy.

A lot happened in January. I spent a good two weeks at home. Need I say how lovely that was? While there, I kept thinking of two or three great opening lines for this post. But in my vow to stay away from all kinds of keyboards while not working, I forgot to make a note somewhere. And then, grumbling and pulling a face, I came back to the city. Why I say that ’12 looks like a good year is because the day after I got back, I joined work.

Yes, much to my mother’s relief, I decided to give the glamour of freewheeling a rest and found myself a job. And what a job! I now work as the Public Relations Officer at India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), an independent, philanthropic, grant making organization that supports various arts. I work great hours, sane hours and am even back at home by sunset! Never before in my working life have I done that!

I love my new job. Hear what happens at work. The other day, I spent an afternoon learning a few steps of contemporary dance from boys in Astad Deboo’s troupe! Met, will meet some of the country’s best artists. Office is so much fun! There are some amazing musicians, singers and artists working at IFA. So there is music and intellectual stimulation and freedom to create and think in a beautiful atmosphere. If I knew work could also be this fun, I would have shortened my long break. Or maybe not. I must note here a compliment that the big boss at work gave me during my interview. Was truly humbled. It meant a great deal to me to hear those words. Thank you, so very much.

Much happens at IFA, by way of fantastic performances, new artists, grants…be good now and go ‘like’ the Facebook page and keep both eyes out for updates. And visit And watch this space too!

I never thought I would be in this kind of NGO space. Life does have a funny way of having fun at your expense, doesn’t it? Not that I would complain, not this time.

That apart, my social life seems to be looking up after a near saintly two years. There have been many new friends, new ideas, new events to go to, new books, old people and renewed contacts, new inspirations. I cannot seem to stop writing. That is good, no?


Captain Nemo said...

Great!!! Now that you've found a dream job, enjoy.
Will it now be easy for you to arrange passes to some of those 'By Invitation Only' shows? ;-)

Anil KV said...

hmmm what am i think when reading this ... hmmmm ... im thinking "damm its way past midnight, sun has set long back will rise in few hours works no where near done" ... jealousy kicks in

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Anil, sorry, i am grinning wide!! :D

Anil KV said...

hahahaha ... Mission Accomplished in that case ;)

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Oh yeah then!!