Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Avril Storms

Oh well what do you know! Dreadful March went by and I am nearly intact. There were bad things, it was March after all, but nothing too devastating. Most near life changing things fell on the nicer, positive side of the coin.

-- A lovely trip to see a tribal festival in Madikeri happened with some very dear friends.
-- A lot of realizations on love and work and passions happened.
-- A book project got commissioned, to research and write text for a coffee table book on vintage postcards on Bangalore. (Yeah!!)
-- A lot of writing for an online magazine for a major water conservation campaign happened. Here and there, a lot of other writing happened.
-- An offer to write for The New Indian Express happened. (Fist in the air yeah! Where I started my career! Still the best place I have ever worked in. Joy joy!!)
-- A resignation from India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) happened. (Ma was nearly incredulous I lasted this long!) More on this soon, soon.

April started with a storm. I love storms. I don't relish them when applied over life but I suppose I would never find my inspirations, my drives, my miseries without them. Here is to the tempest of April and beyond.

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