Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Best Friend

This photo was taken by Mahesh in Dubare forest where we went to shoot our documentary. He has some other amazing shots but he wouldn't let me use them...so mean!

I must write about him here. He is an extremely talented person, fantastic with computers, a good photographer, writes very well in Kannada, can be charming when he wants to but is a big fool not to know all this! And the best part is that he pampers me a lot too! He he! :-)

He is quite different from the other friends I have. I write here to acknowledge to myself how lucky I am, for he is always there when I want to complain, crib about the world. He pretends to listen to my ramblings (he listens sometimes too!), knows when I am depressed, stays clear of me when I am in a rage and serves as my punching bag when I am frustrated.

There was a time in the not so distant past when I had almost stopped believing in myself. He was the one who literally forced me to trust myself and the world, he and my other friends.

Off late, I realised the value of friends in my life. I realised that there are good people in the world, that a lot of them are my friends, that I am loved a lot for just being me. That is a beautiful feeling, I realised.

Here is to all my friends... I used to think I alone was responsible for what I am today. I am glad I was wrong. Subtly, with discretion, my friends were there, all the time. I had just refused to see them. Thank you.

Take a moment, think of your best friends and in your heart, feel good they are there. Believe me, it is a beautiful feeling to be adored by beautiful people.

Thank you Mahesh, Vani, Raksha, Sushma, Smitha, Karthik, Raji and all the other lovely people I have as friends.


San Nakji said...

It's good to have friends like that! A very nice post,

From your Kiwi Friend ;o)

ShaK said...

diye jalte hain,
phool khilte hain,
badi muskhil se magar,
duniya mein dost milte hain.

Keep up the friendships. They are all that will eventually matter.

Deepa Bhasthi said...

I owe a lot to you, my blog friend too San Nakji and all the others.

Shakri, I totally endorse your view, it is very difficult to find good friends

VENU VINOD said...

hi deepa,
Venu vinod here,i was just searching the blogs, and i happened to see your blog. Your writing is really nice, and keep posting such pieces regularly.