Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Poem

This is something I wrote after my visit to my old college.


As I walk
Down the corridors
Of time
A world opens up
One of the past
When I took the stage
With a dozen others
We laughed a laugh,
Shed a tear, fought a battle
Stood still against
The ravaging time
And lost the war,
To retreat, ahead with Life.

The battleground remains
Same as ever
The foot soldiers- disciples
Of us and others before us.
As I walk past,
A veteran now
I remain unsung,
My time buried.
They lead on now
Their personal fight
Fought with a tear
And a hearty laugh.

I walk past
Letting them be
The vision fades
The faces I knew
Other lives now.

As I walk on
The corridors of time
I reach a monument
With a plaque.
Inscribed on it is


bhadra said...

nice poem. the more you dig the more meaningful. have u tried writing in any other language too. at times the words lead to philosophical thinking.

i invite you to my site and blogs -; and

nice to see some of friends findings place here.

Dinesh said...

nice poem...

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Thanks both of you.
I did try writing in Kannada and came up with some,what I thought, ok stuff. But a friend and one one my lecturers said I was better of not taking the effort to ruin the language. Am yet to come out of that insult!!

Ashley said...

Good poem. I immediately wondered if you wrote it in Kannada, too. Then I saw your other readers had the same idea!!


Shiv said...

Pure nostalgia !
Those were the days when we more young & restless..when there was no running behind the clock to catch deadlines..there was nothing called sitting in meetings..

Thanks Deepa for bringing back the golden memories..

Made me think of my school/college

Deepa Bhasthi said...

you are welcome Shiv. my job is done if you remembered your school

direkishore said...

Nice one!

ShaK said...

Nostalgic indeed was this poetic work,
Took me back to my good old days,
A time to laugh, a time to live,
A place so great in so many ways.

Well written Deepa. Enjoy maaDide.