Friday, November 08, 2013

How Old is November Anyway?

Late one night in early November, we asked this question, many others. The attempt to answer overwhelmed me then, as it continues to now. I had a special feeling about this year, and I was right. 2013, a landmark year in many ways that I will tell you about in a post later this month, has been a crazy year, mostly in good ways. A year after the November question, we don't have answers. I'm not sure we want any.

Poetry, smiles, worries, love, intelligent wine on the table where we talk, cherry trees and spring air and beautiful-ness has been in season all year around. And I discover everyday that miracles do exist in my sometimes cynical world. Some miracles happen in a day, in a text message, in a single all night long phone call. Some are not marked by the exact time, some happen over 18 days. Some last that minute, some every day of every week.

This November, I cannot shake off this smile from my face. And that is all you need to know.

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