Monday, January 06, 2014


Incomplete. Unfinished. Broken. Cracked. Open. Free. Verses. Lines. Words. Language. Ideas. Response. Query. Fear. Don't want an answer. Why? Answers are scary. Unbound. Unravel. Unravel. Inspire. Write. Right. Stimulation. Intellectual. Cultures. Tea kettles. Cups of coffee. People watching. Conversations. Other tables. Shoes. Open road. Possibilities. Mysteries. Attractive. Walks. Observe. Recordings. Sentences. Sounds. Colours. Smells. Tastes. Smiles. Joys. Happiness? Song. Music. Art. Circles. Lines. Ideas. Stories. Aesthetic. Beauty. Mountains. Sunbeam. Breeze. Food. Evenings. Candles. Conversations. More ideas. Collective. Things to do. Check list. Write. Stories. Respond. Inspire. Live. Experience. Feel. Express. Happiness!! Yes. Words.

Written December 03, 2012

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