Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Insider's Guide to Bangalore: In The Guardian

So, I wrote this for The Guardian. Was a really fun, and rather stressful thing to do, given how much co-ordination was required. But it was mighty fun discussing the answers with friends. And more importantly, it reminded me why I do love the bloody city, even when I hate it.

An Insider's Guide series under Guardian Cities is where they get people living in different cities of the world to answer a set number of questions about the city. The result is, well, an insider's guide. Remember, there is no right answer here for any question, before you jump at my throat at some of the answers. These are just what I think about the city.

The guide makes more sense when read with the links and pictures. So follow this link please.

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Vinayak bhat said...

Hi Deepa,

I read your article, how strong statistical data based is your report.
western people are more inclined to accept any sensational and India degrading type of article rather than fact based.
how the below article stack up against your article>

dont you think it contradicts your report? it misleads people as there is chance people form opinion based on these type of article.